A Joint Information Security Defense Platform

After going through the disasters of the First Bank’s heist case, the Far Eastern International Bank’s hacking incident, and TSMC’s suffering from a virus infection to stop the entire production line in Taiwan causing a tremendous loss, the information security concerns have become more in demand and needed in industries.
As information security issue rises, companies are more aware of the importance of endpoint security controls. The concept of Network Access Control (NAC) is very similar to the concept that all passengers entering or leaving a country are subject to customs checks to ensure that there is no threat to the country. Before each device is connected to the Internet, it should be thoroughly verified by various policies. Once a violation is found, it should be isolated, blocked or corrected to avoid a catastrophe to the company.
When a company starts implementing solutions to enhance its information security, it needs to cope with another potential issue, i.e. too much data and silo systems, and how to effectively manage, analyze and integrate these massive data. Finika can classify, summarize and integrate systems and data, allowing IT staff to easily and efficiently do your job well by grasping the required data from the integration platform and greatly reducing the operation time.