About us

EQIT was founded in April of 1997 as a network consulting company. In recognition of the network as a mission-critical business asset, since 2000, EQIT has been engaged in developing network troubleshooting tools and network security systems, to help IT professionals eliminate network security threats and optimize the performance of their network environments.

But securing the network alone is no longer the priority. The technology advances so rapidly and has dramatically re-shaped life, business and the global economy, i.e. to disrupt the status quo, alter the way people live and work, re-arrange value pools, and lead to entirely new products and services. So, decision makers and business leaders need to have a clear understanding of how to optimize your business operations by well leveraging the cutting-edge technology now and for the years to come as today's ideas are just prototypes for tomorrow's breakthroughs and it will not stop.

We know that nowadays the technology and your business operations are inseparably intertwined. To effectively resolve your work-related pains, EQIT introduces a broad range of solutions and technologies: Finika, a data management platform for IoT, NetSecure, to do your End-Point Management and Intranet Access Control, Sysnesis, big data Traffic capturing up to 100G, as well as Uila, the innovated Hybrid Cloud Management. We cover your technology needs so you can run your business operations well.