Join CYBERSEC 2020

The sudden and unexpected onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has thrust the world into a state of adverse conditions that has been testing human resilience. In just a few months, physical connections around the world have dissolved and industrial operations have had to transform existing models with an increased reliance on new digital tracks. However, the result has been the emergence of even more locations and conditions in which cyber criminals operate, and led to a surge in firepower and frequency in already regular cyberattacks.
CYBERSEC 2020 will now be presenting the theme, “Resilience Matters”, to tackle cybersecurity challenges under the latest operational norms being faced around the world. Perhaps we are able to put up appropriate defenses. But, just as likely, we may find ourselves under siege. And, when facing a crisis, are we equipped with the tools and resilience to respond quickly, recover, and win over malicious forces? We will eventually survive the pandemic. However, the world will never be the same. “Resilience Matters”, once again, let us work together to construct a safer future for all of us.